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The LLC ‘Trade House Ruscasing’ offers the beef bungs produced from the Russian raw materials at its own manufacturing facilities. The company always has a wide assortment of the natural beef bungs (95/105, 95/115, 115+ and other calibers) available in its warehouse.

The raw materials meet the requirements of TU 10.02.01  148-91 ‘Processed Beef Intestines’ in procession quality, sensor properties and physical parameters.

The bungs are cleaned up well from the fat and mucous membrane; they have strong walls and can stand the air pressure up to 0.1 MPa or water pressure up to 0.05Mpa. They are not contaminated by admixtures. The bungs are delivered without the colon or have its part only. In the latter case there is a hole at the junction of the blind gut and the colon’s part.

The company’s manufacturing workshops are situated in Yubileiny City, Moscow region. The experience and skills of our specialists involved in the manufacturing process provide a stable high quality product.

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